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The Delight quilt is an absolute Delight and it's hexy design is going to charm everyone. This kit is designed by Julie Herman and uses traditional piecing methods. It is recommended to user the Hex N More Ruler with this kit. If you do not have a Hex N More ruler; I have bundles that include the ruler! You can see the ruler and the backing fabrics recommended for the quilt in the listing images.


Finished Size: 60" x 72"


Quilt Kit Includes:

Printed Pattern

2.875 Yards of Fabric

1 Moon Garden Fat Quarter Bundle


----Additional Bundles-----


Kit with 44" Backing:

Includes Base Kit

Adds 4 Yards of Hissy Fit Dusk


Kit with 108" Backing

Includes Base Kit

Adds 2 yards of Sonic Bloom Dawn


Any Kit that states with ruler adds a Hex N More Ruler to the Kit.


--Learn about Moon Garden by Tula Pink --


Moon Garden is a fabric collection that pays tribute to those of us who bloom at night. When the sun goes down most people move inside and start winding down from the day. Outside, under the glow of moonlight, a whole other world is just waking up. Moon Garden features all kinds of garden regulars that are drawn to the fragrance and nourishment that the soil provides. 


There are owls and birds of course, bees, dragonflies and an elegant yet often misunderstood little garden snake. With the introduction of my True Colors and Solids collections, I am able to focus on creating more focal prints with bigger designs in more colors. While I have included a few coordinates that are specifi.c to Moon Garden, the bulk of the collection is made up of hero prints. These are the prints that pull the entire collection together and do the bulk of the visual work in a sewing project. After the introduction of Tiny Beasts, my previous collection based on small prints and coordinates, the next logical step was to go big! These prints are big, bold and full of life. 


Mood Garden is designed in two color palettes; "From Dusk" and "Til Dawn". Each palette focuses and a different fleeting moment of the evening processional. From Dusk focuses on the slow wind down of the afternoon as the evening sets in with deep magentas and cool purples. The 'Til Dawn palette introduces the impending day when the darkness is being overtaken by the rising sun featuring deep golds, sharp peaches and saturated teal and mint.

Delight Quilt Kit