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Tula Pink - Nightshade De Ja Vu

Coming July 2023

PWTP203.MYSTIC Neck for Days.jpg
Tula Pink

This is Tula at her best, fun animals, bright colors, and unique fabrics

PWTP207.OLEANDER Raven Lace.jpg
Tula Pink
Nightshade DeJa Vu

This 10 year old Gem is Back and Re-Colored for a whole new run!

PWTP157.KARMA Fairy Flakes.jpg
Tula Pink
Neon True Colors

A huge addition to True Colors. 
Neon True Colors adds more dots and stripes, as well as Fairy Dust prints!


 JF Quilted Designs was started to bring the fabric, notions, and patterns I love; to all the quilters I can. 

It's nice to meet you, I'm Jen and I have been avidly quilting for over ten years. It all started when I helped my Mom with a quilt, and then decided to do one for myself. I have been addicted ever since, and I am excited to start a company around my hobby and passion. Everything this store sells are items that I have used on my own projects, so I know you are going to love them. 



Aurora, Illinois

I normally respond within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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