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Schedule Your Longarming!

Quilt Details (Please review answers before submitting)

Are you providing quilt batting?
Would you like us to trim your quilt?
Is your quilt directional?
Are you providing quilt backing?
Would you like us to bind your quilt?
Is your backing directional?
What kind of pattern would you like?

Give Pattern Name,
describe custom pattern

Do you need this quilt rushed?

Any additional details we may need to know?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Longarming Pricing Breakdown

As you complete the form to the left, please keep these details in mind. Longarming currently has a 4-6 week turn around time; it could be less depending upon schedule and complexity. 

Once you submit the form we will email you back with total pricing based on submission and shipping/pickup details based on location.


  • Longarming Pricing

    • W x L x $0.025

  • Quilt Batting Pricing

    • We sell Quilters Dream Select Cotton batting at $15 a yard. If you do not provide batting, we will default to this batting for your quilt. 

  • Quilt Trim Pricing​

    • Trimming a quilt is $15. ​

  • Longarming Patterns​

    • We will include any pattern from Urban Elements or Quiltable with your pricing. You do not need to purchase them for quilting; just provide the name​

    • Custom Patterns are $30 and can include text and graphics blended. Please give us an idea of that type of theme and we will send a sample before quilting.

  • Rush Fee​

    • There is a $45 rush fee and your quilt can be completed within a week of receipt. This does not include time to ship to or from us. Return shipping normally takes 2-3 business days.​

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